I asked 10 random people to give me a background on how we become a country called Kenya. All of them narrated the same story; Mau Mau fought the colonialist and helped us gain independence in 1963. None had any more information as to why we even had to have the Mau Mau fight for us to be free in the first place. All did not have knowledge about the Berlin conference which took place between 1884-1885 whose purpose was to divide the continent of African among a handful of European countries. The intent was for them to forever dominate us for access to our resources, thus giving birth to the tiny African countries we are today. There was also an almost total lack of knowledge among the group I queried, on the genocide perpetrated by these European raiders that took place as our ancestors resisted the destruction of their order and way of life so the Europeans could establish their order and dominate.

This is a reflection of the miseducation that has happened to majority of us in Africa. I personally did not understand the full impact of what went into the birthing of my country Kenya on the dysfunction and the failing of the system that runs things today, until I started studying our true history. None of my formal education gave me that knowledge but instead conditioned my mind to believe in the system. And Unfortunately, I am in a majority; a majority of people who have faith that with the right people in office the system can do good and work for everyone. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In order for the missionaries to establish their spirituality, they demonized our ancestors’ spirituality. They characterized it as backward, savage and primitive. For example since my native Agikuyu did not have a concept of the devil, the first Kikuyu bible translated the word they used to refer to ancestors, ‘Ngoma (meaning asleep)’ to mean the devil. The colonialists also demanded that anyone who was to join any of their schools or who could be admitted into their order had to renounce their traditions including their culture and belief systems. It’s not like our ancestors had any choice, for choosing to remain with their traditions meant they could not access jobs to be able to provide for their families. Why is this the case yet they had land? The colonialists had already began to take over most of their productive lands using force and abitrary laws that our people were not privy to or conscious of, in order to force them into servitude among other measures they used to collapse the order of the Africans’ way of life.

Therefore the system they used to form most African nations with the purpose of protecting a minority rulership are still the same systems that run the show today. So it’s not a question of the systems being broken. They are working perfectly.
Most people therefore not being privy to historical events that got us here fall for the narrative of a super villain running and controlling everything. And if you buy into this narrative, then your next logical conclusion is that there can be a “Savior” to redeem everyone from the super villain; and that is the entire model of “Western Civilization.” It is built on deception and fueled by much bloodshed, and destruction and manipulation, all in the pursuit of materialism. Instead of addressing the heart of the problem, which is its design, it generates theories and conspiracies to distract in order to stay relevant and believable. What do you expect when you destroy whole indigenous cultures, engage in unregulated mining, instigate wars and destruction of natural habitats to access natural resources, commercialize every aspect of existence for profit? How long before such a parasitic system starts to cannibalize itself? Are we therefore to look the other way, ignore all the historical accounts of how we got here and say the problem is some outside forces that are manipulating everything? What then is our role as human beings?

I can come up with an idea that eating avocados every single day is the sure way to be free of negativity. However unless people buy into it and help me propagate it, it will remain just that, my idea. However, if a significant section of the population buy into it, then they propagate it and proselytize it and very soon we have a movement of avocado eaters, telling others that they only need to eat avocados to be free of negativity. It doesn’t matter how simplistic or ludicrous it sounds, as long as people are buying into it there is no stopping it. I could even be labelled a propagator of falsehood or even face jail time but until more people are made conscious about the complexity of life and what goes into life and living, then my misinformation or disinformation of the population will continue even after I am out of the picture.

Therefore if one wants to avoid being hoodwinked by any fringe of misinformation with regards to our condition as a people, it’s important to seek out the correct historical context. We must recognize that anything that is anti-life ,anti-nature and anti-human (i.e. any ideology that removes human experiences from the stories of how we got to where we are) is not about restoring order and balance in the chaos we find ourselves in. Rather, it is for the maintenance of the current order, which is western civilization. I don’t see how a civilization that was established on destruction, manipulation, deception and genocide can yield anything but.….

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Clinical Psychologist| Humanist| Great passion for demystifying and decolonizing mental health

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