Mugikuyu By Ancestry: What Does That Mean?

Facing Mt Kenya authored by the first president of the republic of Kenya, alludes to a mythical story of the origin of the Agikuyu people. It is a story that was narrated to me in childhood by my grandfather, that we came from Gikuyu and Mumbi as the first parents and their nine daughters who make up the 9 clans that all Kikuyus descend from. Customarily you follow the clan that your paternal father belongs to, which makes me of the clan of Airimu.

I have learned that my ancestors have roots in Maasai, Akamba, Somali and Kalenjin ethnicities. This has been through study, carrying out interviews with my greatgrandmother and a host of other elders. The consensus I have arrived at thus far is that one cannot claim that Kikuyu is a ‘pure’ culture rather it’s an amalgamation of many other cultures that birthed it.

Therefore the tag ‘Mugikuyu by Ancestry’ is to anchor me to my lineage that was in the process of developing before it was interrupted by colonization. It in no way seeks to elevate or glorify a mythical fantasy past but rather give root and credence to my heritage that helps me to know myself and in turn continue the path of organic evolution that is the natural process of growth for every living being that is allowed to be themselves.


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