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“I kept trying to apologize for the girl I was, for the harm she caused, the things she did and said. It comes back again and again, the fear based thinking, the shame. But then I remember: I don’t believe in repentance. I don’t believe in confession. I don’t believe in performative guilt. I accept myself and love myself unconditionally. I believe in integrity, transformation, compassion, change. And I have changed. I am finding myself again, and not as a disavowal of everything I was. This self is the outgrowth of that one. The person I am today could only have come through that transformation.

There is no purity. There is no original sin. There is no secret terrible thing inside of me that makes me bad or unlovable. There is nothing to repent. There is nothing to confess. There is the work and process of change. There is the complexity of being a human being. There is the tangle of intergenerational and collective trauma. There is the decision to heal.”

Clementine Morrigan


Please use this for information purposes only. It is not a substitute for seeking out professional help. The views expressed here in are  from my personal experiences as well as from those I have interacted with. And while one may resonate with what is shared, it’s not a substitute for appreciating your own unique personal experience. Always do your own research on any topic to guard against being hoodwinked.

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Clinical Psychologist| Humanist| Great passion for demystifying and decolonizing mental health

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