It’s 2022


Cross over to 2022…. It’s a beautiful evening where I am. This plant (picture above) has been calling to me every time I pass by it. It’s not an audible call, more like a vibe thing. Then I stop and stare and absorb whatever it’s trying to communicate. Tranquil.

Words words words. We say what we don’t mean. Or mean what we say but because it has come out badly we try and say more words to self correct and then end up at square one, saying what we don’t mean.

And then we do so poorly at emotional regulation. So poorly. So we dump the wrong emotion at the person who is not really the one who stirred them to begin with. Or just do a bunch of self-destructive stuff until consequences or the emotions go quiet, either way, it don’t feel like it’s how to deal.

At the doorstep of 2022, hmmm…. Wish all you brave souls a happy cross over. Drink some tea, ginger tea is a favorite. And cheers….

Published by nasewangari

Clinical Psychologist| Humanist| Great passion for demystifying and decolonizing mental health

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