Let’s Talk About Collective Agikuyu Trauma

Today has been a particularly emotional day. I am currently reading two books concurrently, that’s Facing Mount Kenya and Maina wa Kinyatti’s Agikuyu:Waiyaki, Kimathi,Kenyatta. Both are heavy reads because I am coming into the reality of what happened to my ancestors, the Agikuyu people. Reading British Gulag gave me nightmares for about a week, becauseContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Collective Agikuyu Trauma”

Let’s Talk About Sex Education, What Do Our Ancestors Have to Say?

Reading ‘Facing Mt Kenya’ on this chapter of ‘Ombani na Ngweko’ then on to the next chapter on marriage and it’s amazing to see how our ancestors understood sexual energy and put measures in place to make sure it’s diffused in a healthy manner. Looks like our unhealthy views and puritanical interaction with this subjectContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Sex Education, What Do Our Ancestors Have to Say?”

Let’s Talk About the Trap of Capitalism and Emotional Regulation

The trap with the capitalistic system is that it pushes you to be competitive. And that then will manifests as feelings of jealousy towards those you perceive as your competition or that are doing better than you. Competition means you are always comparing against something, are on a fight or flight mode, are hyper-vigilant, areContinue reading “Let’s Talk About the Trap of Capitalism and Emotional Regulation”


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