A Mighty Great Tree Has Fallen. And it’s Bad

A MIGHTY GREAT TREE HAS FALLEN. AND ITS BAD Dr Lincoln Imbuga Khasakhala. Where do I begin? So it’s one of our Saturday classes. Theo goes like, ‘guys Khasakhala is so modest, he can’t even tell us he is one of the authors of DSM V,’ as he went ahead to show precisely where hisContinue reading “A Mighty Great Tree Has Fallen. And it’s Bad”

Let’s Talk a Bit About Social Media…

Thoughts 🤔🤔This quote by Anaïs Nin:“My mission, should I choose to accept it, is to find peace with exactly who and what I am. To take pride in my thoughts, my appearance, my talents, my flaws and to stop this incessant worrying that I can’t be loved as I am.” Is that true though? BecauseContinue reading “Let’s Talk a Bit About Social Media…”

Let’s Talk. About Witchcraft

Today I got educated on witchcraft. If we go to the etymology (root) of the word, its derived from a German word ‘weit’ wise, so the translation would be something like ‘Craft of the wise.’ So then to be considered wise means you possess a certain knowledge and are able to manipulate that knowledge withContinue reading “Let’s Talk. About Witchcraft”

Let’s Take a Walk Back to my Younger Self Thoughts on Emotional Regulation

My adolescence is a blurr, mostly. Being in a high school that I did not particularly like, may have something to do with it. Or may be I was busy recovering from the trauma of a portion of my primary school. The fact that our memory does obscure information from memory may also be aContinue reading “Let’s Take a Walk Back to my Younger Self Thoughts on Emotional Regulation”

Let’s Talk About the Challenges of Adulting

See this quote from Anne Lamott: You will go through your life thinking there was a day in [school], that you must have missed, when the grown-ups came in and explained, everything important to other kids. they said, ‘Look, you’re human, you’re going to feel isolated and afraid a lot of the time, and haveContinue reading “Let’s Talk About the Challenges of Adulting”

Let’s Have a Conversation About Truth

ALL TRUTH IS PARADOX. This words I first read from one of my favorite writers Anne Lamott. And like most of the time when I come across something profound, I will always find a way to incorporate it into my life. For some reason though, those words stirred up a lot of dissonance, not thatContinue reading “Let’s Have a Conversation About Truth”

Let’s Talk a Little About Pre-colonial African

“What is your belief system? What is the one guiding principle that governs your life, irreducible minimum if you will, the one thing you cannot compromise on?” Toughest questions ever thrown at me. Not so much because they are tough questions, but like many people, I realize or they awaken me to my shallowness. MoreContinue reading “Let’s Talk a Little About Pre-colonial African”